Harry's style

A well hidden secret

Since 1953, Harry's is true to its style.

Unique and inimitable.

Always trendy, Harry’s Bar has welcomed several generations with its class and innate elegance, in an international atmosphere.

Exclusive attention and quality of the proposals have always distinguished it as an essential meeting place.

Our history

4th december 1953. Enrico Mariotti and  Raffaello Sabatini created Harry’s Bar at Via del Parione in Florence. Their friend Giuseppe Cipriani, patron of the already famous Harry’s Bar in Venice, gave them some suggestions: the Cuisine – the gratin noodles, the carpaccio, the shrimp curry, the tartare, the flambéed crepes Grand Marnier, the American Bar – the Bellini, the Martini, the Negroni

Year 1956. Tersilio Vadorini, known as “Lio” is called by Mariotti: he will be the legenday barman of the Dolce Vita.

February 1963. Harry’s Bar finds its current location in Lungarno Vespucci. The stools, original of the time, still speaks of some famous characters: the label of Margot Hemingway’s favourite champagne, the photo of Liz Taylor with her cocktail, just to name a few. In Los Angeles the venue is replicated exactly with every detail of its furnishing .

Year 1972. Sergio e Roberto  sons of Enrico Mariotti, sell Harry’s Bar to the current owners; tradition and style remain unchanged.

Year 2016. Harry’s Bar is counted among the Historic Places in Italy.